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12/21/2020City Council Meeting
12/21/2020Council Committee Meetings
12/7/2020City Council Meeting
12/7/2020Council Committee Meetings
11/16/2020City Council Meeting
11/16/2020Council Committee Meetings
11/2/2020City Council Meeting
11/2/2020Council Committee Meetings
10/19/2020City Council Meeting
10/19/2020Council Committee Meetings
10/5/2020City Council Meeting
10/5/2020Council Committee Meetings
9/21/2020City Council Meeting
9/21/2020Council Committee Meetings
9/8/2020City Council Meeting
9/8/2020Council Committee Meetings
8/3/2020City Council Meeting
8/3/2020Council Committee Meetings
7/6/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
7/6/2020Council Commitee Meetings
7/6/2020Tax Budget HearingAgenda
6/15/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
6/15/2020Council Committee Meetings
6/15/2020Special Public Housing MeetingAgenda
6/1/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
6/1/2020Council Commettee Meetings
5/18/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
5/18/2020Council Commettee Meetings
5/18/2020Special Public Housing MeetingAgenda
5/4/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
5/4/2020Council Committee Meetings
4/20/2020CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: City Council Meeting
4/20/2020CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: Council Committee Meetings
4/14/2020Special Finance Committee Meeting
4/14/2020Special City Council MeetingAgenda
4/6/2020CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: City Council Meeting
4/6/2020CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19: Council Committee Meetings
3/20/2020Special Council MeetingAgenda
3/16/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
3/16/2020Council Committee Meetings
3/2/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
3/2/2020Council Committee MeetingsMinutes
2/24/2020Budget Hearing
2/19/2020Budget HearingMinutes
2/18/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
2/18/2020Council Committee MeetingsMinutes
2/18/2020Special Public Housing MeetingAgenda
2/10/2020Budget HearingMinutes
2/3/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
2/3/2020Council Committee MeetingsMinutes
1/21/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
1/21/2020Council Committee MeetingsMinutes
1/6/2020Organizational MeetingAgenda