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Public Records Policy

Public records are any documents that relate to the business or activity of the City.

Records must be requested from the Public Records Custodian of the City.  Requests in person must be done during regular business hours - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. 

Request must at least identify the records requested with sufficient clarity to allow the public office to identify, retrieve and review the records. 

Request may be in writing or verbal. 

Requestor’s identity or intended use of the information or documents requested need not be disclosed. 

Public records will be made available for inspection as promptly as possible. 

Copies of public records will be made available within a reasonable period of time. 

Copies made on paper are 5¢ (five cents) per page.  There is no charge if the total pages provided for the requestor is 9 (nine) pages or less per day. 

Copies will be made only by the Public Records Custodian or other authorized officer, employee or representative. 

The requestor may request that copies of public records be transmitted to him or her by U.S. Mail or any other means of transmission that is available and is conducive to transmitting the public records. 

The cost of transmission will be borne by the requestor and if payment is made by check, copies will not be made until the check has cleared. 

Any denial of public records requested in part or in whole will include an explanation, including legal authority for the denial. 

Press Room

If you are a member of the media and need a copy of the City Logo or a headshot of Mayor DeGeeter, you may download those below. 

Director of Communications and Community Relations

Jeannie Roberts

Jeannie RobertsJeannie Roberts brings a wealth of communications experience to the City of Parma. She was a journalist for daily newspapers for more than 20 years and adds another 10 years of business communications experience. Most recently, she comes from the Ohio Lottery Commission, where she served as the Deputy Director of Communications.

Ms. Roberts was an award-winning sports journalist for newspapers in Florida and Michigan, covering Southeastern Conference football for the Tallahassee Democrat and Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association for the Booth Newspaper Group of Michigan. She is also a magazine writer and occasionally contributes feature stories to Cleveland Magazine.  


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