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Utility Aggregation Programs

Be an informed consumer. Visit the Public Utilities Commission of OhioApples-to-Apples rate charts.

Letter from NOPEC to Electric Customers - Aug. 29

Electric Aggregation:

In 2000, the Law Department successfully implemented the Parma Electric Aggregation Program pursuant to the voted mandate of the March 7, 2000 election. The Law Department also prepared for Parma City Council a governance plan and conducted all necessary public hearings to become the first certified Governmental Aggregation Unit in Ohio.

In late 2017, City Council agreed to a three-year extension with Energy Harbor (formerly known as First Energy Solutions) through May 2021. 

As of 2019, the City of Parma’s aggregation program, served by Energy Harbor, had an average residential customer enrollment count of 22,201 and more than 1,100 small commercial customers participating. The total savings participants earned in 2019 was more than $1 million. Total savings since the inception of the program are more than $25 million.

The City of Parma has joined the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) electric aggregation program. Residents and small businesses enrolled in the city’s aggregation program will continue to receive their electric supply from Energy Harbor until the May 2021 meter read date.

Residents and small business owners will be able to take advantage of electric supply rates negotiated exclusively for NOPEC customers beginning in May 2021. Eligible customers should have received enrollment letters and terms of service from NOPEC explaining NOPEC’s program options and rates, along with providing the option to opt-out of the aggregation program. 

To enroll, residents do not need to take any action. Accounts automatically will be enrolled into NOPEC’s Standard Program Price option. There will be no disruption of service during this switch. The Illuminating Company is still the utility responsible for delivering electricity to homes and businesses, reading meters, sending bills and restoring power after an outage.

NOPEC also offers a monthly variable price program that is a discounted rate below the utility’s Price to Compare Enrollment. This program is limited and subject to availability. Additional program choices include 12- and 24-month fixed-term and 100 percent renewable programs.

Once enrolled in NOPEC’s electric aggregation program, NOPEC/NextEra Energy Services should begin appearing as the new electric supplier on customers’ June 2021 utility bills. Residents and small business owners who did not receive an opt-out mailing and who may be interested in opting in to NOPEC electric aggregation can contact NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201 for assistance.

For more information about NOPEC and the program options available to City of Parma residents and small business owners, go to or call NOPEC’s Customer Care Center at 855-667-3201 (855-NOPEC01).        

Natural Gas Aggregation:

Since 2010, the City of Parma's natural gas aggregation program has been affiliated with NOPEC.

NOPEC has been providing gas and electric to 126 communities in Northeast Ohio since 2001. This organization is a public entity that does not make a profit and does not charge the City of Parma to be a part of its program. NOPEC is the largest governmental aggregation in the United States and has been able to provide competitive rates for residents and small business owners in its member communities.

For information on the fixed rate through NOPEC, residents can call NOPEC at 888-848-7914 for current rate information. The rates are competitive for fixed-rate programs. A variable rate is also available for those residents who wish to remain on a variable rate. To enroll in the variable rate, residents should call NOPEC at 1-888-848-7914. The supplier of the natural gas under the Parma/NOPEC plan is NextEra Energy.

NOPEC will continue to solicit Parma residents who are not part of the natural gas aggregation program when those customers terminate contracts with other suppliers. Residents will receive opt-out notices from NOPEC, in which they will have 21 days to opt-out of the program. When no action is taken, a resident automatically becomes part of the Parma/NOPEC program. If, however, a resident later chooses to leave the Parma/NOPEC program, he or she can do so at no charge.

Any questions regarding Parma’s Natural Gas Aggregation program should be directed to NOPEC at 1-888-848-7914.

Residents are able to select another supplier to compare pricing of natural gas suppliers from the Apples-to-Apples Natural Gas Rate Comparison Chart available on the Public Utilities website at

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