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City General Fund Revenues and Expenditures


The City of Parma receives a majority of its operating money from municipal income tax. Miscellaneous income comes from interest earned, licenses, permits and fees. Below is the percentage breakdown:

  • 65 percent, Parma municipal income tax
  • 22 percent, miscellaneous
  • 7 percent, property tax
  • 6 percent, state-shared taxes


Safety Department and Service Department expenditures account for more than 65 percent of general fund expenses. Below is the percentage breakdown:

  • 50 percent, Safety Department
    15 percent, Service Department
  • 27 percent, general government
  • 5 percent, Parks and Recreation,
                     Donna Smallwood Activities Center
  • 2 percent, Building Department
  • 1 percent, public health and welfare

Property Tax Rates

The City of Parma has one of the lowest municipal portions of property tax rates in Cuyahoga County. Also, Parma is the seventh largest city in Ohio and has the smallest budget of all major cities in Ohio. Parma real estate tax is 71.01 mills per $1,000 valuation. Of this amount, City of Parma receives only 8.80 percent or $6.24 per $1,000 valuation. Below is the percentage breakdown:

  • 60.41 percent, Parma Schools
  • 22.94 percent, Cuyahoga County
  • 8.80 percent, City of Parma
  • 3.86 percent, Cleveland Metroparks
  • 3.99 percent, Cuyahoga County Public Library