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North Coast Housing Connections Project Based Program

North Coast Housing Connections has a Project Based contract with Cleveland Housing Network Partners. The property is located at 5617 Chevrolet Blvd., Parma, Ohio 44129. It has 40 two-bedroom units and 20 three-bedroom units. Of the 60 total units, there are four units accessible for persons with disabilities.

This is a Section 8 subsidized property, and all resident families consist of those coming from the Project Based waitlist North Coast Housing Connections manages. The Project Based waitlist is currently closed. When the waitlist reopens, its opening will be advertised in local newspapers and this website.

Attention: The Project Based Program Waiting List is currently closed.

Minimum and Maximum Number of Persons per Unit Standard 
Number of Bedrooms  Minimum Persons/Unit (Largest Unit Size) Maximum Persons/Unit (Smallest Unit Size)
2 BR 2 4
3 BR 3 6

Located at Chevybrook Estates, 5617 Chevrolet Blvd., Parma, Ohio.

Selected Families Must Meet The Following Requirements:

  • Qualify as a family under the NCHC guidelines;
  • Head of household or spouse is at least 18 years of age or an emancipated minor under state law;
  • Gross family income must not exceed the income limits set by HUD;
  • A citizen of the United States or a non-citizen that has eligible immigration status;
  • All family members must be clear of any history of criminal activity involving drug or alcohol abuse or crimes of physical violence to persons or property.


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