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Criminal Division

The Prosecutor's Office is directly responsible for the operation and supervision of the Criminal Division of the Law Department, under the Law Director, in the Parma Municipal Court.

This office prosecutes all criminal cases on behalf of the City of Parma, State of Ohio, and its various agencies as required by law, which includes:

  • review of evidence
  • issuance of affidavits
  • preparation of cases for trial
  • trial of cases

This office prosecutes or defends with preparation of briefs and arguments on all appeals, in criminal cases on behalf of the City of Parma to the applicable higher court, which includes:

  • perfection of Appellate procedure
  • research and preparation of briefs
  • argument on merits in applicable higher court

In addition, the Prosecutor's office provides the following services:

  • Represents the City of Parma in procedural matters with the Judges of the Parma Municipal Court.
  • Establishes procedural rules with reference to the issuance of affidavits and warrants and court appearances for the Parma Police Department.
  • Renders opinions on criminal matters for the Parma Police Department, State of Ohio, various agencies of the State of Ohio and departments within the City of Parma.
  • Provides consultation service in preparation and issuance of complaints and Summons in Lieu of a Warrant for the State of Ohio Department of Employment Services, Bureau of Liquor Control, Department of Wildlife, Department of Cosmetology, Regional Transit System, Cuyahoga Community College, and Conrail in criminal matters conducted within the Parma Municipal Court.
  • Provides 24-hour per day consultation service for the Parma Police Department including availability of personnel for issuance of emergency search warrants.
  • Provides consultation service regarding citizen complaints, which include:
    • office conferences
    • telephone conferences
    • scheduling informal Prosecutor Hearings
    • rendering opinions regarding applicability of criminal procedure
  • Provide consultation service for security personnel of retail establishments in the City of Parma, which includes:
    • review of evidence
    • preparation and issuance of affidavits and warrants
  • Serve as legal consultant to Parma Police S.W.A.T. unit and S.E.B..

Traffic Intervention Program:

An application was prepared by the Law Department and grant monies were received from the State of Ohio, Office of the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative to set up an accountability program entitled Traffic Intervention Program (TIP). Implementation of this program commenced January 1, 2000, to assist individuals in restoring his/her driving privileges to become a valid and responsible driver on the public roadways.

While the TIP grant ended in September of 2002, the program continues to operate self-funded. The Program Director, a member of the Law Department, together with two employees of the Parma Municipal Court coordinate and implement the program.

Victims Advocate Program:

The position of Victims Advocate in the City of Parma was created at the Parma Municipal Court to help Victims of Crime. This position plays a vital role in the criminal justice system as they offer support, advice, and comfort to victims of domestic violence.  This position continues to be funded by the City of Parma and the Ohio Attorney General's Office and is under the direction of the Law Director.

Juvenile Diversion Program:

The Juvenile Diversion Program is under the direction of the Parma Law Director's Office and is intended to combat juvenile crime in the City of Parma. Juveniles who enter the Program avoid formal court action by the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court and instead are sentenced to pay a mandatory fine and/or perform community service in Parma, or make a donation for the needy families in our community.