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2011 Flood Information

Please be advised of the following:

Some assistance is available for residents who experienced flooding in their home on either July 19, 2011 or July 23, 2011. Information on the program, and the qualifying requirements are listed below.

Home Improvement Program - Flooding Damage

Home Improvement Program - Flooding Prevention

*Applications for both programs were due by August 12, 2011. The programs are now closed.

Energy Efficient Appliance/Window/Door/Insulation Rebate Program

*Any Parma resident replacing an old or damaged appliance (clothes washer, freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher or hot water tank) can receive up to $150 rebates on each appliance as long as the appliance purchased is Energy Star Rated

*Any Parma resident insulating their home or replacing old windows and entrance doors can receive rebates on each individual unit as long as the unit is Energy Star rated

For more information, and to obtain applications, please click here -

Cuyahoga County Healthy Home Initiative
This program may be helpful to seniors, parents of children with asthma, or infants under 12 months who have had mold due to water damage and need help. To qualify, you must have a prior diagnosis of a respiratory condition that can be documented by your doctor.

You may also call the Cuyahoga County Board of Health directly at 216-201-2001 x 1524.

HELP Loan Program
Owners of one, two, three or multiple family homes are eligible for loans of between $3,000 and $200,000 at reduced interest rates to pay for alterations, repair or improvement of a residence that protects or improves its basic livability and enhances the property’s value. Repayment on loans less than $12,500 is five (5) years and ten (10) years for loans greater than that amount. Applications can be made through Fifth Third Bank, Key Bank, Huntington Bank, PNC Bank and US Bank. Borrowers must be current on their property tax payments. For more information, contact the Cuyahoga County Treasurer’s Office at (216) 443-2149 or e-mail

Renew/Rebuild Ohio 2011
Renew Ohio and Rebuild Ohio are emergency financing programs for Ohioans whose businesses, farms and homes were damaged by flooding and severe weather available through State Treasurer of Ohio's Office.

Rebuild Ohio will assist homeowners applying for construction loans to rebuild their homes.

To learn more, visit the State Treasurer of Ohio's website.




Important information about filing a potential claim with the City of Parma.

All state and local governments, including the City of Parma, are vested with statutory sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity, with certain exceptions, precludes recovery against cities.

Please see Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2744 for further details. You can review this chapter from a link on the Law Department page of the website.

You are advised to contact your homeowner's insurance company first to make a claim.

Any claim submitted to the City of Parma will first be investigated by the City Service and/or Engineering Department. Due to the high volume of claims, this may take an extended period of time to investigate and process the claim.

Click here to download and complete the claims form.

Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineer Program

Information about our partnership with the County Sanitary Engineer’s Office is available on our website, including details about the work that has been completed so far. This information may be found at

Basic Information:

  • Mitigating Wet or Flooded Basements 
  • Reported information from residents helps us to better understand what happened during the severe storm, and allows our resources to better analyze and pinpoint problem areas so that they can be addressed. If you have not already informed us if you experienced basement or other flooding, please contact us at 440-885-8189.
  • Unfortunately, the flooding in Parma did not reach the threshold to receive assistance from Cuyahoga County Emergency Management or FEMA.
  • The City has placed calls to the State of Ohio to learn if there may be assistance available, and we are awaiting response.
  • If you have rubbish to be removed from your property on a day other than your regular rubbish collection day, please contact our Service Department at 440-885-8189 when the trash has been placed on your tree lawn. A crew will be out the next day, to the best of our ability, to collect the trash.



FEMA - Dealing with Mold 
FEMA - Cleanup 
FEMA - Damage Assessment Criteria 
State of Ohio Criteria to Request Individual Assistance   


Ready Post-Flood Information 
Cuyahoga County Board of Health Clean-Up Guidelines 
Cuyahoga County Board of Health Flooded Area Safety & Sanitation