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Public Safety

The Safety Department is comprised of the Police Department, Fire Department, Parma Regional Dispatch Center and Building Department. In addition to the responsibility for the aforementioned departments, the Safety Department is responsible for traffic signal management and Animal Control.

As the appointing authority for the departments under his jurisdiction, the Safety Director is involved in the employment of personnel and works in conjunction with the Civil Service Commission and Human Resources Department to staff same.

Residents who have non-emergency complaints regarding unkempt property, possible parking violations, motorists disregarding stop signs and exceeding speed limits on residential streets, missing no parking or stop signs, malfunctioning traffic signals and pedestrian signals can call the Council Complaint Department at 440-885-8083 to file a complaint regarding their concerns. These complaints are given to Safety, which then assigns them to the appropriate department for handling.

In certain circumstances, special permission can be given to residents by contacting the Safety Department for an exemption for short term on-street parking. Also, permission can be given to leave trash on the tree lawn previous to the regular rubbish collection day, i.e., refrigerators (doors must be removed), stoves, etc.

The Safety Department administers hardship exceptions to the winter parking ban.

Neighborhoods organizing block parties in the warm weather months need permission to close off the street during the hours of the block party. A letter must be submitted to the Safety Department outlining the date and time of the block party, the name of the street and area of the street that will be blocked off, and the name of a contact person. In addition to the letter, a petition to close off the street on the date of the block party and signed by the majority of the residents affected must be submitted.  

Permits may be obtained via the Safety Department

Garage Sale Permits
Residents are entitled to three permits a year for a period of three consecutive days (Sundays prohibited) on each permit.

Solicitor's Permit
Individuals who want to solicit business in a residential area or at business establishments for products that are not integral to the business must obtain a solicitor's permit.

Hack (Taxi Driver) License
Individuals who want to operate a taxi cab within the Parma city limits must obtain a Hack License.

Dance Permits
Organizations that are sponsoring a dance at one of the halls located within the Parma city limits must obtain a permit.

Picnic Permit
Organizations that are sponsoring a picnic at one of the halls or picnic groves within the Parma city limits must obtain a permit.

Parade Permit
Any organization sponsoring a parade on the city streets must obtain a parade permit.

Charitable Games/Scheme of Chance Permit
A non-profit/charitable organization holding a “Las Vegas” night or “Night at the Races” type of event must obtain a permit. The organization can hold up to two events per year, and the location it is being held at can hold up to four events of this type per year.

Itinerant Vendor
Individuals who want to set up a stand outside of a building on commercial property to sell products must obtain a permit before doing so.

Winter Overnight Parking Permits
Overnight parking is prohibited on all city streets from Nov. 1 through April 15 during the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Permits to park on the street can be issued if there is insufficient room in the driveway to park the vehicles or there is a doctor documented medical hardship. In order to obtain a permit, which costs $10, a request must be made by application

Applications can be dropped off at Parma City Hall, Safety Department or mailed:

Parma City Hall
Safety Department
6611 Ridge Road
Parma, Ohio 44129

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday


Thomas WeinreichThomas Wm. Weinreich

Contact Information
Office: 440-885-8174
Fax: 440-885-8125

Thomas Wm. Weinreich has more than 35 years of experience in various governmental positions, among them 12 years as a Parma Assistant City Prosecutor, eight years as Parma Tax Commissioner and five years as director of Human Resources and Purchasing. He became Director of Public Safety in December 2016.

Weinreich graduated from Cleveland State University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. In 1998, he earned a law degree from The University of Akron School of Law. He is a member of The State Bar of Ohio.


Animal Control

Julie KocikJulie Kocik

Contact Information
Office: 440-885-8010

Julie Kocik has more than 15 years of experience in the field and 14 years in a similar position with the city of Euclid.

In addition, she served for one year as an animal cruelty investigator for the Animal Protective League. She has completed levels I and II of the Animal Control Academy and is certified as an animal control officer.


Parma City Hall
6611 Ridge Road


8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

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