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Parma City Hall & Ries Rink go wireless for public access

February 19, 2013 

Jeannie Roberts (440) 885-8181 / (216) 346-9935

PARMA, Ohio – The City of Parma has installed three wireless networks, two at City Hall and one at Ries Rink.

The city Wi-Fi has been put into three areas for public access. The first is on the first floor of City Hall, named Parma City Hall, and is for use in the main conference room for when meetings are being held to access to the Internet to share information for business. The public, while waiting in the lobby, will also be able to check electronic mail or update Internet schedules on the go.

The second area for the city Wi-Fi is located downstairs in the Council Chambers and is named Council Chambers. This also can be used for the public to access the Internet, and during meetings, public Internet access is now available.

The third area for the city Wi-Fi is located at Ries Ice Rink and the whole building can access the Internet using the Wi-Fi network named Ries Rink. This enables live streaming for high school games and also allows parents to communicate with their children using Internet applications to keep in touch.

“This is a great tool for the public and enhances our city hall and ice rink,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “With today’s technology and use of smartphones, laptops and tablets, this is a step in the right direction and puts today’s technology to use.”

All devices with wireless capability including laptop computers, all phone types and wireless tablets, can connect to the city Wi-Fi. The download speeds for the Wi-Fi have the capability of 15Mbps and the upload speeds are about 5Mbps.