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City of Parma School Zone Photo Enforcement Program

The City of Parma has operated a school zone photo enforcement program since 2009. Photo enforcement cameras are placed in six city school zones to help ensure student safety. The cameras record vehicles traveling in both directions through the zones.

The cameras are for speed enforcement only in the 20 mph posted school zones. Photo enforcement tickets will only be issued during designated times when schools are in session.

According to Ohio law, the ticket is a civil violation, resulting in a fine and court costs but no points against a driver’s record. In comparison, a traffic ticket may result in a fine, court costs and points.

A driver speeding in a school zone will receive a Notice of Liability letter in the mail from Parma’s Automated School Zone Speed Enforcement program. The letter will explain the violation and give options to pay the ticket, contest the ticket or provide the driver’s identity if the recipient of the letter was not the driver at the time of the violation. Traffic violations can be paid at using the Payment Center tab (top right) and then accessing the dropdown menu.

If a driver enters a school zone before the designated time that lights are scheduled to flash but exits when the lights turn on, the photo enforcement program allows for the lag time, and a violation will not be issued.

Signs are posted within 300 feet of school zones with photo enforcement equipment stating: “Traffic Laws Photo Enforced.” There are also flashing signs to catch a driver’s attention before entering an active school zone, warning signs before and at the end of school zones and painted markings on the pavement warning a driver entering a school zone. 

Six School Zones with Photo Enforcement

Constellation Schools
3400 block of Snow Road (east and west)

Thoreau Park Elementary
5400 block of West 54th Street (north and south)

Bethany Lutheran School
6000 block of Ridge Road (north and south)

Normandy High School and Green Valley Elementary
2500 block of West Pleasant Valley Road (east and west)

Padua High School and St. Anthony Elementary School
6700 block of State Road (north and south)

Holy Family School
7400 block of York Road (north and south)