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Parma Still a Member of NOPEC


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PARMA, Ohio - Door-to-door soliciting has been an issue in Parma this summer, and the issues have moved into utility aggregation.

Reports from some residents indicate that door-to-door marketers are implying that NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) is no longer a part of Parma. This is not true. Parma is a member of NOPEC and still has its Electric Aggregation Program with First Energy Solutions and Gas Aggregation Program with NOPEC.

The company that has been confusing Parma residents about this issue is called Just Energy. Representatives of this company have been stating at residents’ doors that Parma will no longer have aggregation programs. This is apparently an attempt to lure away business to another utility supplier, and many residents have reported being confused.

NOPEC officials suggest that if a resident believes that he or she has been moved to another supplier, the resident should call their utility company and report it. Before any supplier can move a customer to another program, the customer will receive a letter from their utility company, after which he or she will have 7-10 days to rescind enrollment with an unwanted supplier.

Door-to-door solicitors making untrue statements or exhibiting inappropriate sales behavior can be reported to the PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) at or by calling the PUCO consumer complaint line at 800-686-7826.

Community membership can be verified at NOPEC by visiting or by calling 855-667-3201 for natural gas or 800-292-9284 for electricity.