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National Craigslist Scam Hits Parma


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PARMA, Ohio - City of Parma Law Director Tim Dobeck has been notified of a Craigslist scam that occurred in the City of Parma, a scam that places potential renters of residential property at risk.

A resident of Parma, who is the executor of his deceased parents’ estate, put their residence up for sale with a national real estate company.

Apparently, sometime later, an individual with an Austin, Texas area code posted a listing on Craigslist soliciting the property for rent. As a result of that listing, several people have asked the sellers whether the home is for sale or for rent. They also indicated that they had seen three identical listings for the house on the Multiple Listing Service and Craigslist, except for the fact that the Craigslist ad indicated that the house was for rent.

City of Parma Police Department Lieutenant Kevin Riley stated that this scam is a national problem. The scammers copy the legitimate listing and re-post it to a Craigslist ad saying that the property is for rent. Then, if they get someone to respond, they accept a security deposit or first month’s rent, even though they have no legitimate interest in the property and in fact may never have ever been in the state of Ohio.

Law Director Dobeck is very concerned that this scam has reached our city and stated, “Everyone must be diligent in their financial affairs, especially when sending money out of state to a party they do not know.” 

He also advised that if any one suspects a scam of this nature, they should call the Parma Police at 440-885-1234.