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Pitt Ohio is approved for Parma’s largest job-creation project in a decade

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PARMA, Ohio  – In Parma’s largest job-creation project in the past decade, Pitt Ohio has received approval to begin construction this fall on a 23-acre complex – a venture expected to eventually create 240 jobs here.

The Parma Planning Commission approved the trucking company’s design plans for the trucking terminal, where Pitt Ohio will consolidate its area operations. The first phase of the project is the construction of an access road into the site before the end of the construction season this year. 

Pitt Ohio anticipates completing the complex – located on Chevrolet Boulevard in front of the former GM Powertrain building – in the last quarter of 2016. When finished, the Pittsburgh-based company expects to employ 180 workers with a payroll of about $7 million and then add at least 60 jobs over the following two years. 

An industry leader for energy efficiency and conservation efforts, Pitt Ohio indicated the proposed complex will be LEED-certified and include renewable energy sources, such as solar and possibly wind and geo-thermal heating – all in an attempt to make the complex almost completely energy self-sufficient. 

“Pitt Ohio’s proposed state-of-the-art facility in Parma is the largest job-creation project here in the past decade,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said.  “The city worked closely with Pitt Ohio to make this endeavor a reality.”

DeGeeter continued:  “This is important for Parma’s economy as our administration continues to focus on attracting businesses and jobs to the city.”

Parma officials aggressively courted Pitt Ohio when the company, investigating sites in Northeast Ohio, contacted the economic development department as well as Team NEO and the Greater Cleveland Partnership – two organizations that have a strong relationship with Parma. The city landed the trucking terminal not only because of the location’s highway access, but the package Parma put together for Pitt Ohio.

Parma offered a payroll tax rebate to the company in exchange for its payroll commitments.  Final details still are still being negotiated, but the rebate expires in 15 years and will be capped at 50 percent. Beyond the tax package, the city’s economic development team and engineering department worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation and ultimately negotiated a grant of about $180,000 for a traffic light at the complex’s driveway, a critical requirement for the large truck terminal.

James Fields, Chief Operating Officer at Pitt Ohio, said dealing with the City of Parma has been a pleasure. “In the City of Parma we found a city government who has a keen understanding of how we need to build our facility in order to effectively serve our customers in the future,” he said. “We also found a local government in Parma that shared our vision for instituting renewable energy strategies whereby we are less reliant on traditional power sources for all of our needs.  We applaud their entire team for their insightfulness and willingness for innovation.”

Said DeGeeter:  “We’re excited about the partnership we’ve formed with Pitt Ohio.  It’s also great to see the innovative approach taken by the company with its state-of-the-art facility.  It’ll attract attention not only for Parma but for the region.”