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Parma resident set to complete 18-year goal on his birthday

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PARMA, Ohio - Ask Paul T. Kirner about goal-setting. Ask him about dedication. Ask him about perseverance.

Ask him about these things on Tuesday, July 1, which is, incidentally, his 67th birthday. Ask him after, say 9:30 p.m., and settle in for a long story. He has one to tell.

Kirner, a Parma resident and former Ward Five Councilman, is set to complete an 18.5-year goal on Tuesday, one that has demanded 6,757 consecutive days of running – with his last half-mile, which he will run on Tuesday, he will have completed 24,901.55 miles, which just happens to be the circumference of the earth. He is inviting Parma residents, news media, anyone who wants to join in, to run that last half mile with him.

The run will begin in front of the home of Allan Divis, Parma’s Ward Five Councilman, which is at 7805 Fort Myers Court, and finish in front of Kirner’s home at 4373 St. Petersburg Drive.

Kirner’s consecutive-running-days streak is the second-longest such streak in Ohio and the 112th longest such streak in the country.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter is planning to attend Kirner’s birthday party and run that last half-mile with him. According to Kirner, former Parma mayors Dean DePiero and Gerry Boldt will be in attendance as well. Additionally, Kirner’s grandchildren are flying in from California to join in the last half mile.

Said DeGeeter: “Happy Birthday to Paul. I have great respect for the will and perseverance that it has taken for Paul to complete this goal. I am looking forward to joining in on the celebration of his achievement.”