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Parma Mayor urges extra caution at new school year

8/21/2014 Download pdf here

PARMA, Ohio – Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter urges area motorists to drive with extra caution because local schools are back in session. Area Catholic schools are already in session, and Parma City School District begins class instruction on Monday.
"We like to remind motorists every year, that while our kids are learning their ABC’s, we have to keep ours in mind, too – Always Be Cautious,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “We urge all drivers to be especially careful this time of year because there are kids out and about near the streets.”
School zones require that motorists slow to 20 miles per hour in marked areas. During the first few weeks of school, it is critically important that motorists keep an extra eye out for kids unused to traffic who might dart out into the street.
“We should all be careful in a school zone anyway, at all hours,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “Safety is our number one priority. We want everyone – teachers, students, administrators, parents – to all have a safe and productive school year.”