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Do Not Knock FAQ's

Who is prohibited from coming to my door if I join the registry?

Depending on which registry you join, either peddlers, solicitors or both would be prohibited from disturbing you at home by law.

Peddlers are those individuals selling goods or services door to door for profit (e.g. the typical door-to-door salesman or handyman).

Solicitors are those individuals selling goods or services, or soliciting donations for charitable, religious, non-profit or other causes (e.g. someone seeking a pledge of money for a walk-a-thon, someone selling cookies or magazine subscriptions for a non-profit organization, someone seeking a monetary contribution for a religious mission to Africa).

How do peddlers and solicitors know they are not welcome to my home?

There are two ways in which peddlers and solicitors are provided notice. The first method is the City registry which lists all of the addresses of residents who have joined. By law, peddlers and solicitors are required to first reference the registry before knocking. The second method is by the posting of a sign decal conspicuously displayed in the front window or door of the home. The sign decal indicates whether peddlers, solicitors or both are unwelcome.

If I join the registry and post the sign decal, are there any uninvited persons who can still come to my door?

Yes, the Ordinance only addresses those individuals seeking funding. Individuals who wish to conduct polling or surveying, circulate petitions, engage in political or religious speech, or other similar conduct in which funds are not being sought are not prohibited by the Ordinance on the basis of constitutional grounds.

Is there anyway I can prohibit these persons from disturbing me at home as well?

While the City may not restrict access to your residence by individuals identified in #5 above, the homeowner still has a right to post No trespassing signs or signs of similar import indicating these persons are unwelcome as well.

I generally do not want to be disturbed at home by peddlers and solicitors; however I do not mind one (or more) specific peddlers or solicitors from calling on me at home. How can I join the registry and still allow these individuals to call on me?

The Ordinance is intended to prevent uninvited peddlers and solicitors from coming to your home; therefore, you can either specifically invite such individuals to your home and/or at sign-up indicate on the registry who is specifically welcome.

When will my address come off of the registry?

Your address will come off of the registry when either:

  • You properly notify the City of your desire to be removed from the list.
  • The City receives notice that you have moved.
  • The expiration of five (5) calendar years from the date of registration.

How can I obtain the sign decals?

Sign decals will be sent to you following your joining the registry. Should you require additional decals, they are available at City Hall free of charge.

Are peddlers or solicitors required to register with the City?

Solicitors are not required to register.

Peddlers are required to be licensed prior to going door to door and must carry the license with them.

Are there restrictions on the hours of operation?

Yes, there can be no soliciting or peddling between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday or before 12:00 p.m. or after 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Are there any restrictions against leaving flyers in the mailbox or at the door?

Because Chapter 757 only prohibits solicitors and peddlers from knocking on the door of or ringing the doorbell at a residence that has a Do Not Knock decal displayed, it is implied that some direct contact must be made by the peddler or solicitor with a resident of the home. Thus, when a person merely places a flyer in the mailbox or at the door, s/he is considered a canvasser who is not prohibited from dropping such literature.