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Civil Division

Generally, the office handles litigation wherein the City of Parma or its employees are named parties, rendering assistance in miscellaneous administrative hearings, drafting legislation, rendering of legal opinions and the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes under both Ohio statute and Parma ordinances.

The office produces several formal written legal opinions, as well as numerous confidential legal opinions and email responses to legal questions. A countless number of informal oral opinions are also rendered to city officers either in person or via phone. More than 200 pieces of legislation (ordinances or resolutions) are prepared annually. 

Claims Management
Within the Law Department is a Claims Division, which initiates policies to recover funds from persons who have damaged city property or adjusts claims of individuals damaged as a result of city activity. If an individual wishes to pursue a claim of damage for review, the request must first be registered via phone at 440-885-8083 or online complaint using Resident Services. After a complaint is filed, the City of Parma will initiate an investigation to determine liability

In addition, the Law Department conducts Risk Management Committee Meetings comprised of Department Heads within the City on an annual basis to review and address areas of concern pertaining to the City’s Risk Management Program.

Landlord-Tenant Information
City Council has approved a contract with Katz Consultants to provide rental information and advice but not legal services to both commercial and residential landlords and tenants of Parma properties. For more information, contact Gary Katz with Katz Consultants at 216-926-4999 or email at  For additional information, please see the  Ohio Landlord and Tenant Law document.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

  • Representation of City of Parma before the Liquor Control Commission in Columbus and Cleveland regarding objection to issuance or renewal of liquor permits
  • Representation of city administrators in response to grievances filed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Ohio Civil Rights Commission
  • Attendance at council meetings and city administrative boards
  • Representation of Parma City School Board on various issues
  • Representation of North Coast Housing Connections regarding compliance of federal laws, tenant relations, evictions and relations with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)