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Parma officials urge driver safety at new school year

8/25/2016 Download PDF here

PARMA, Ohio – Now that schools are back in session, Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Police Chief Joe Bobak urge area motorists to drive with extra caution.

“It’s always important to remember driver safety,” DeGeeter says, “but now that schools are back in session, we should all remember to be especially watchful and careful. School buses are back on the road and students will be crossing streets while walking to and from their schools.”

School zones require that motorists slow to 20 miles per hour in marked areas. During the first few weeks of school, it is critically important that motorists keep an extra eye out for kids unused to traffic and who might dart out into the street.

Some other things to remember about Parma school-zone enforcement: There are nineteen school zones within the City of Parma that are photo-enforced for speed. The city has two cameras that are randomly deployed at different locations during the course of a day to enforce the 20-mile-per- hour school zone speed limit. Parma’s enforcement zones are announced with a large sign that reads: “Photo Enforcement Zone Ahead” and at least one officer is always on-site during photo enforcement activation. Any resulting fines are civil and do not result in points against a driver’s license.

Motorists should remember that some school zones are active only during opening and closing hours, but many zones are also active during lunch and recess hours when children are or may be on the premises. Prior to the start of school, the city’s traffic light technician does a systems check and inspection to make sure all the signage is up-to-date and properly working.

“We should all be careful in a school zone anyway, at all hours,” Mayor DeGeeter said. “Safety is our number one priority. We want everyone – teachers, students, administrators, parents – to all have a safe and productive school year.”