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City utilizes grant funding for public safety equipment


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PARMA, Ohio - The City of Parma has utilized grant funding to obtain free bike helmets for kids and new fire safety equipment for PFD firefighters. Also, through its good relationship with neighboring Cleveland, the Parma Police Department has accepted a donation of police bicycles for the city’s new bike patrol.


New Parma Bike Patrol accepts bikes from City of Cleveland

The Parma Police has selected 10 officers to be a part of its new bicycle unit, which is tentatively scheduled to be patrolling areas of the city sometime in the third week of May. The department and the city extend thanks to Chief Calvin Williams and the Cleveland Police Department for their generous donation of four bicycles to our department.  The bikes were originally purchased by Cleveland Police for use during last summer’s Republican National Convention.

The new officers will be attending training between May 8 and 12 at the western campus of Cuyahoga Community College. Once they complete their training, the officers will be patrolling in business and school areas in the city. The creation of this unit is one part of Police Chief Joe Bobak’s emphasis on a greater use of community policing efforts.  The officers will focus many of their activities on protecting business areas and connecting with youths in the city, but they will also be utilized as part of this overall increase in the use of community policing.

The new PPD bike patrol was first announced at Mayor Tim DeGeeter’s State of the City speech in February.

76 bike helmets to be distributed at Parma Safety Fair

The bike helmets are being provided to the City at no cost as part of the “Put a Lid on It” Bike Helmet Safety Awareness Program, administered through the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This is the second year Parma has been awarded this grant for free bike helmets, which will be distributed to kids at Saturday’s Safety Fair, held at the Parma Justice Center from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. “We are grateful to be part of this program,” said Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “The city’s Safety Fair is all about teaching personal and residential safety to residents of all ages, and bike safety for the kids is a big part of that.”


Homeland Security Grant pays for updated Fire Department equipment

The $75,000 Federal grant has allowed for the purchase of six National Fire Protection Agency thermal imaging cameras, for the replacement of multi-gas meters and for the purchase of a forcible entry training door that allows firefighters to simulate forcing entry into a locked structure.

The thermal imaging cameras and the multi-gas meter units replace aged and outdated equipment that had been being used by PFD personnel. Thermal imaging cameras allow firefighters to enter hazardous areas to search for victims and fire. Multi-gas meters are used to monitor for carbon monoxide, explosive environments, low oxygen levels and other hazardous gases.

Capt. Tom Franczak, of the PFD Training Division, explained that all three of these new purchases will help PFD be more prepared for a real emergency. “Firefighters will be able to simulate advancing their hose lines through the door as well as integrate the use of thermal imaging and multi-gas meters during training, much as they would during real fire-fighting situations.”

Because the equipment will be used regionally, Cuyahoga County paid Parma’s 10% match for this grant, which amounted to $7,500.

Said Fire Chief Mike Lasky, “This is all about providing the highest quality service to the residents of Parma at the best cost we can. We will keep pursuing grant money where we can in order to best serve our residents with the most up-to-date equipment possible.”