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IRS scam hits Parma

3/11/2016 Download PDF here

Parma Law Director Tim Dobeck has been alerted to a scam that has become very troubling this week. At least three city employees, including a councilman, have received calls from individuals purporting to be from the Treasury Department or the IRS and threatening them with "enforcement action."  It is very likely that there have been many other calls that have not been reported.

At tax time, scammers are attempting to use yet another vehicle to get money or personal information from victims. In this particular series of calls, one caller demanded that if the victim does not pay their tax obligation immediately an agent would be at their door within 30 minutes to arrest them. Another caller left a message that if the victim did not act immediately-or at least call them back at {315) 704-1556-then "enforcement  action" would be taken immediately.  Most times, the caller has some bit of information about the resident that the caller uses to make him seem legitimate. The public should be aware that information such as home address, place of employment, or family relationships can oftentimes be found on the internet without very much effort.

All residents should be aware that the IRS and/or Treasury Department DOES NOT USE THE TELEPHONE FOR ANY ENFORCEMENT ACTION. If anyone should receive a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS or the Treasury Department, they are advised to not give them any of their personal information nor send them any money. If anyone should receive one of these phone calls, they should get a return phone number and report it to one of the following agencies:


  • The Parma Police Department at (440) 885-1234
  • Ohio Attorney General at (800) 282-0515
  • United States Treasury at www.treasury. Gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtml