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Property ticketing program begins in Parma

September 19, 2013 

Jeannie Roberts (440) 885-8181/(216) 346-9935

PARMA, Ohio -- In its continuing effort to focus on quality of life issues, the City of Parma will begin misdemeanor ticketing of neglected properties on Monday. The program was previously approved by City Council.

This and other programs are part of the administration’s “Good Neighborhoods Initiative.”

The ticketing program, pushed by the DeGeeter administration and City Council, enables property inspectors to begin immediately ticketing property owners who show neglect for their properties. Examples include high grass, non-working autos parked in a yard and excessive trash on a property. While the tickets would be similar to those issued for minor traffic offenses because they are issued immediately – “a snapshot in time,” Assistant Building Commissioner Don Graves calls it – the property owner has the option to choose a court appearance rather than pay the ticket outright.

“If you take care of your home and property, you should be happy about this program,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “Nobody likes to see the high grass and trash that collects at neglected properties. We are hoping that this program will help cut down on those types of homes.”

City officials are hoping that the program will cut down on repeat offenders. “Everybody gets tired of seeing these neglected properties,” DeGeeter said. “We know where the repeat offenders are. We hope this will encourage them to take better care. This program is not about the home owner or senior citizen who is having occasional trouble mowing the grass because of physical problems. This is about the properties that we hear about over and over from our council members, the owners that don’t seem to get the message.”

DeGeeter called the ticketing program “one more tool in our toolbox” to help protect property values and increase quality of life for city residents. In an effort to recognize property owners who invest in and maintain their properties, DeGeeter’s administration is developing a program that would recognize homeowners who do an exceptional job of beautifying and caring for their homes and property. Under the new program, properties would go through a nomination process and winners would be publicly recognized by the administration.

The Good Neighborhoods Initiative also includes programs administered by the City’s Community Service & Economic Development Department. These include streetscape, sidewalk and storefront improvements, and nuisance property demolition programs. Other quality of life programs the City offers are Senior Safe-at-Home program, senior snowplowing and grass cutting service, the Home Improvement Program, and the First-time Homebuyer program.