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Parma will receive inconvenience credit from Republic Services


April 30, 2013 

Jeannie Roberts (440) 885-8181 / (216) 346-9935

PARMA, Ohio - The City of Parma will receive just over $73,000 by Republic Services as an inconvenience credit as a result of a recent work stoppage.

Mayor Tim DeGeeter and Service Director Brian Higgins were in constant contact with Republic Services during the work stoppage in Parma and asked about whether the City would receive compensation.

During the work stoppage, Parma was one of the first communities to receive replacement workers, but some residents did not receive service in a timely manner. “We appreciate everyone’s patience during that time, including our City Council members who tried to help residents and also, of course, the residents themselves,” DeGeeter said. “We’re all glad this is over, and we feel that the reimbursement is just.”

The work stoppage came just as residents were being educated about a new collection system in Parma. Residents will continue to receive educational materials from Republic – refrigerator magnets with dates for bulk pick-up and yard waste collection will be mailed in June.

“We continue to strongly encourage residents to utilize recycling containers, because recycling is at the heart of our new collection system,” DeGeeter added. “It is good for the environment, and also good for the city. The savings realized through recycling efforts helps us to reduce trash collection fees for the city.”