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NEORSD provides insight on the Upper Ridgewood Basin project

3/30/2022 6:14:00 PM

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s (NEORSD) Regional Storm-water Management Program addresses water quality, flooding and erosion issues throughout its service area, which includes the City of Parma.

As part of the program, the Sewer District has designed a project to reduce flooding in the neighborhoods downstream of Upper Ridgewood Basin, which was formed about a century ago when the flow of Big Creek was restricted to create a recreational pond.

Since then, business and residential development have increased hard surfaces and storm-water runoff, leading to significant flooding. In recent years, rainfall patterns have intensified, which also exacerbates storm-water management.

At the completion of the project, residents can expect to see several enhancements such as additional trees and robust native plants around the basin that will provide color year round. Regular maintenance of the basin will include sediment removal. Currently, 75 percent of the basin is filled with 6 feet of sediment, which decreases basin storage capacity. To date, 150 neighborhood houses, garages and other structures have flooded during heavy rain events. The new wet basin is designed to hold more storm water, and, during heavy rainstorms, fill with water and then slowly release it, thus reducing flooding by an estimated 40 percent.

Additionally, a path that complies with the American with Disabilities Act will be constructed. The path will wrap around the basin from Ridgewood Lakes Drive south to the Splash Pad and east to the gazebo, providing more accessibility for all residents.

Construction cost is estimated to be $3.4 million.

View the Upper Ridgewood Basin rendering