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American Veterans Traveling Tribute & Traveling Wall Coming to Parma

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PARMA, Ohio - Veterans and active members of America’s armed services travel great distances and make great sacrifices to preserve and protect freedom and liberty. Now you can honor and show your respect for their contribution by visiting the American Veterans Traveling Tribute and AVTT Traveling Wall and/or donating to defray costs of bringing the Traveling Wall to Parma.

The American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) will visit the campus of Cuyahoga Community College’s Western Campus with the Traveling Wall. The AVTT Traveling Wall is an 80-percent scale version of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Across its 360-foot length, the wall contains every single name etched on the original. At its apex, the memorial is an impressive eight-foot tall.

The Traveling Wall will arrive in Parma on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, 2018. The Wall will be installed at Tri-C West on Thursday morning, June 28 and will be open for viewing at noon and then continuously 24/7 until the Wall is dissembled at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 1. The Wall will be lit in hours of darkness, and security will be present 24 hours a day as well.

The event is sponsored by American Legion Post 703 in Parma, with additional support from Tri-C West and the City of Parma. Citizens who wish to make donations to the project can make checks out to American Legion Post 703 and send them to Tom Mastroianni, 7263 Maplewood Rd., Parma, OH  44130.

Additionally, a special Facebook page - - has been created for the Parma event. As the event draws nearer, announcements will be made regarding volunteer sign-up and training, donation updates and associated events. During the event, photographs, videos and news coverage will be posted. To stay as informed as possible, “like” the page on Facebook.

“We are so honored to have the AVTT and Traveling Wall in Parma,” said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “We respect and honor those who have served and are currently serving in our country’s armed forces. The Traveling Wall specifically honors those who gave their lives in the Vietnam War, and we are humbled to host this recognition.”

Said Dr. Donna Imhoff, President of the Tri-C Western Campus: "It is truly an honor for Tri-C West to serve as the Parma location for the American Veterans Traveling Tribute and Traveling Wall. Tri-C has long been a strong supporter of all Veterans. The Western Campus has a special connection, being the former site of the Crile Army Hospital and current location of the Crile Veterans Center and Archives.  Our campus is on a piece of land with a special mission to assist and honor our military. We are incredibly humbled to be a part of this event."

The mission of the project is to travel the nation to honor, respect, and remember men and women who served, and to pay specific tribute to those who gave all in that service. Since the tribute is mobile, it allows people to honor and respect veterans and active military personnel without having to travel great distances to do so.

The Traveling Wall was completed in early 1998 and began traveling that year. AVTT’s Traveling Wall is the largest Wall replica traveling the USA. Remembering, educating, and respecting the service of our country’s veterans are the main focuses of AVTT.


About the AVTT: The American Veterans Traveling Tribute is a veteran-owned project committed to travel the USA to honor, respect, and remember those who served, and pay specific tribute to those who gave all.

AVTT is not government sponsored or affiliated, but funded through sponsorship fees, donations, and sale of merchandise at events. For more information or to schedule an AVTT event, visit or email